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For adults

Orthodontics in adults

Tooth position can be corrected throughout the life of a person, hence also in adults of all ages, with orthodontic appliances. In this respect, there is no upper age limit. Many people would like a more beautiful tooth position over the course of their life.

Nowadays, there are modern methods, such as Lingualtechnik or Aligner, which make invisible or hardly visible treatment of tooth position possible. This means that you as an adult do not necessarily have to wear visible orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontics in adults - orthodontics, Dr Jos van den Ho

If growth of the jaw is already complete, as in adults, and there is misalignment of the jawbone (and not just of the teeth), there is the option of oral surgery to correct the jaw-related conditions. Our practice works with renowned specialists, e.g. jaw surgeons. An intervention of this kind requires orthodontic pre- and post-treatment.

In addition to orthodontic treatments,  we can do simple oral surgery, such as extraction of wisdom teeth or other teeth. More complex cases are solved in collaboration with specialists, e.g. jaw surgeons.