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Costs and insurance

Covering the costs of orthodontic treatment

The Health Care Insurance Act (KVG) obliges health insurance funds, within the framework of compulsory basic cover,  to cover the costs of orthodontic treatment in only a few precisely defined clinical pictures. In the case of adults, the covering of costs by health care insurance companies is only possible in rare cases.

Health care insurance companies provide private supplementary insurance for dental treatment. Depending on the supplementary insurance, orthodontic treatments are also covered. Generally, insurance companies require a dental report before is concluded. If there is a pre-existing health problem, insurance of this kind can only be concluded with a corresponding reservation (exclusion of cover). Generally, children must be insured up to a certain age.

Cost-bearing obligation - orthodontics, Dr Jos van den Hoek

Insurance solutions vary greatly from provider to provider. Hence we are unable to give more detailed general information. For more detailed information, please contact your health insurance company. Disability insurance (IV) provides benefits under certain conditions, but only up to the age of 20.

The specific insurance situation should be clarified in each individual case before the start of treatment. We will be happy to inform you about this during your individual consultation at our practice.